The Public Housing Practice Group at Navigate includes senior and executive staff as well as associated professionals.

Because our housing experts have spent so much time in the industry, we are able to offer you over 200 years of combined experience in every aspect of public housing.  The Navigate team possesses a strength and depth of affordable housing compliance, and we also have operations experience that few consultants in the nation can match.

Navigate team members include:

  • Lisa M. McCarroll, Chief Executive Officer
  • Julie L. Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer
  • Matthew Churnock, Planning and Development Coordinator
  • Vernell Callahan, Contract Administration Coordinator, Birmingham
  • Tom Gerundo, Contract Administration Coordinator, Connecticut
  • Nate Greathree, Contract Administration Coordinator, Mississippi
  • Tim Shearer, Contract Administration Coordinator, Virginia
  • Vickie D. Bell, Corporate Training and Education Specialist

The management team at Navigate Affordable Housing Partners has extensive knowledge of public housing authorities.  Navigate has also won several consulting/training contracts with housing authorities for the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program and compliance issues.

HUD continues to reduce funding to housing authorities.  Based on HUD’s initiatives which include the RAD program, HUD is trying to move public housing funding to Section 8. Housing authorities simply cannot continue to operate in the current manner and survive these changes.  Your staff needs to learn how to leverage their properties to fund capital needs, market the properties to a larger clientele, and run the organization like a business, not a government agency.