About Navigate Affordable

Who We Are

Navigate Affordable Housing Partners is a nonprofit that actively works to enhance all aspects of the housing industry to ensure that people have access to quality, livable housing choices. We develop, own, and manage housing properties and serve as a federal government contractor and consultant to housing agencies. 

Navigate Affordable Housing Partners

Community Development

We are investing in long-term sustainable community development to revitalize communities.

5th court cottages; About Navigate Affordable


We own and manage quality, livable affordable housing properties.

About Navigate Affordable

Government Contracting

We are a premier Performance-Based Contract Administrator (PBCA) for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and offer a number of professional services to state and local housing authorities.

About Navigate Affordable

Navigate Gives Back

We give back to the community to empower people. 

Rent Adjustments

Quality, livable housing is essential for every person.

We believe quality, livable housing is essential for every person and are working with community organizations, housing authorities, and government agencies to make that a reality. 


We work tirelessly to ensure access to housing, revitalize communities, and support and improve the affordable housing industry.


Our vision is simple: to be an instrument of positive change by revitalizing communities, empowering people, and expanding housing options for all.  


• Quality

Setting and adhering to standards that seek efficiencies and economies of scale 

• Service

To our customers and the communities in which we operate 

• Respect

For our peers in the industry and the families we serve 

• Innovation

Through collaborations and partnership with members of our communities 

• Transparency

In how we operate and interact with communities and the industry