Navigate Affordable Housing Partners is a nonprofit that actively works to develop, strengthen, and improve all aspects of affordable housing. We develop, own, and manage affordable housing properties and consult with various housing agencies to provide compliance and training. We are also a federal government contractor providing compliance and financial services.

We are shifting the paradigm for housing affordability by being a hands-on thought leader

We believe that clean, safe, and affordable housing is essential for every person and are working with community organizations, housing authorities, and government agencies to make that a reality. 


With a multi-faceted approach, we aim to invest in communities, provide housing options that are high-quality, safe, and rich in support services, and provide services to benefit the entire housing industry.


Our vision is simple: to be an instrument of change across the housing industry by revitalizing communities, empowering people, and strengthening the industry. 


At Navigate Affordable Housing, everything we do is guided by our core values: 

  • Service – to our customers and the communities in which we operate  
  • Respect – for our cohorts in the industry and the families we serve  
  • Transparency – in how we operate and interact with the industry at large  
  • Quality – setting and adhering to standards that seek efficiencies and economies of scale  
  • Innovation – through collaborations and partnership with like-minded members of our communities 


We are working to improve all aspects of affordable housing through community development, property management, government contracting, and providing professional services and training to others in the industry. 

At Navigate, we are: 

  • Investing in communities 
  • Providing high-quality, safe housing options 
  • Providing services to aid the housing industry


Originally incorporated on February 13, 1980, as Jefferson County Assisted Housing Corporation. Navigate is a legal instrumentality of the Jefferson County Housing Authority,  originally formed to pursue funding under HUD’s Section 8 New Construction Program for 100 units of elderly and disabled housing in Tarrant, Alabama. With the first 100 units completed in 1982, Spring Gardens now consists of 244 units including 100 financed by one of the first Low-Income Housing Tax Credit projects in Alabama. Phases III and IV were financed by HOME funds provided by Jefferson County, Alabama. A $3 million community center was recently completed on the property. Residents can access a full array of social and community services in this new, state-of-the-art facility.


Navigate has been a Performance-Based Contract Administrator since 2000. The contract with the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development is the result of a joint venture of Navigate and the Jefferson County Housing Authority. Navigate provides Section 8 Contract Administration Services to approximately 60,000 units of affordable housing in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Connecticut and Virginia. With a total budget of over $450 million, Navigate activities are administered by approximately 55 employees from offices in Birmingham, Alabama, Richmond, Virginia, Jackson, Mississippi and Hartford, Connecticut.


Navigate was the first public entity to sign a contract with HUD’s Office of Multi-Family Housing Assistance Restructuring (now OAHP) to be the Participating Administrative Entity (PAE) in Alabama. Through its role as PAE in Alabama, Through its role as PAE in Alabama, Navigate has been instrumental in the preservation of some 2500 units of affordable housing in Alabama.


We want to be the instrument of change across the housing industry revitalizing communities, empowering people and strengthening the industry.

We want to be your Partners.

The housing industry has an abundance of consultants, but there are very few with our depth and breadth of hands-on experience across both the multifamily and public housing platform. You cannot find the same level of service Navigate offers. We’re not only consultants. We’ve been in your shoes. We have the expertise to back it up. We are your public housing authority needs.

We also know the government contracting. As your Partner, Navigate can tale your small business to new heights

The real question is “why not?”


We can help you navigate the sometimes difficult task of maintaining safe, decent, sanitary and affordable housing in a change a fiscal environment.



We can help you navigate the sometimes difficult task of maintaining safe, decent, sanitary and affordable housing in a change a fiscal environment.