2024 Annual Adjustment Factors

Posted On: April 2, 2024

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced the 2024 Annual Adjustment Factors (AAFs) for the fiscal year. This notice is important for owners participating in HUD’s Section 8 housing assistance payment programs. It outlines the adjustments to monthly rentals for units covered by the contracts.

Understanding the 2024 AAFs

The 2024 AAFs are effective April 1, 2024. HUD bases the factors on the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Consumer Price Index (CPI) survey. The department’s formula incorporates residential rent and utility cost changes. This methodology ensures that adjustments reflect real-world changes in living costs. It also provides a fair mechanism for contract rent adjustments on the anniversary of assistance contracts.

Key Takeaways for the Section 8 Programs

As you know, Section 8 housing programs assist low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled. The programs help them afford decent, safe, sanitary housing in the private market. The FY 2024 AAFs ensure that the rents within these programs are adjusted annually in alignment with market trends.

2024 AAFs Programs

  1. Category 1 Programs: Section 8 New Construction, Substantial Rehabilitation, and Moderate Rehabilitation programs. Here, AAFs are applied before rent reasonableness checks, ensuring rents do not exceed comparable market rates.
  2. Category 2 Programs: Loan Management Set-Aside (LMSA) and Property Disposition (PD) programs. AAFs adjust contract rents without the need for comparability studies currently.
  3. Reserve for Replacement: Adjustments also apply to the Reserve for Replacement deposits, ensuring adequate funds are available for property upkeep.

Implications and Strategic Considerations

The FY 2024 AAFs benefit both tenants and property owners. For affordable housing stakeholders, understanding these adjustments is critical for strategic planning and compliance.

  1. For Property Owners: It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the 2024 AAFs’ application to your specific program. You should prepare for the annual adjustments accordingly.
  2. For Tenants: These adjustments ensure that housing assistance keeps pace with market conditions, safeguarding affordability.
  3. For Housing Authorities: The 2024 AAFs require careful consideration. This ensures that assistance payments remain sustainable and effective in promoting access to quality housing.

You can view the 2024 AAFs at this link.